How to start a conversation with your child’s teachers

start a conversation with your child's teachers

Not sure how to approach teachers to discuss your child’s learning and attention issues? Try these suggestions to start the conversation. This will help you address issues such as school services, assessments, and behavior problems, among others.

It is never easy to talk about your child’s behavior problems. But it is likely that the teacher has observed these behaviors in other children. Here are some ways to start the conversation that will help you better understand the problems.

Could you give me specific examples of what my son does?

This is an important question to understand with the teacher when they are talking about your child’s behaviors. The more specific the examples of the teacher, the clearer the conversation inform the teacher if you see the same behaviors of your child at home.

When and where does such behavior occur?

Does the behavior happen on certain days, at certain times, during certain activities or when certain people are present? Knowing the answer will help both you and the teacher to discover possible patterns in behavior. All behaviors have triggers, and if you can identify what they are, then you can change the behavior. If the teacher is unsure of the answer, he may suggest that he write down his observations for a week to determine if there are patterns of behavior.

What strategies have worked with other boys?

Now that you know if there are patterns of behavior, you can start asking questions about what can help your child. Let the teacher suggest strategies you have used with other students with learning and attention issues who have similar behaviors. Try those strategies first. Ask how you can collaborate with the teacher to change your child’s behavior.

Is there anyone else at school who could help?

If the teacher’s strategies were not successful or if the teacher said that he had never observed those behaviors before, find out if the school can offer him other resources.

Offer to meet with the teacher and the other professional. Sometimes it is easier for the teacher to get help if you also express your concern.

How quickly can I expect to see changes in my child’s behavior?

It usually takes time before seeing behavior changes. Each strategy must be tested for at least several weeks before changing it. The most important thing you can do is keep in touch with the teacher until the behavior improves. That way, the teacher will know that you are doing everything possible and that you are committed to helping your child.

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